Artist of the Week: Mahsa Soroudi


This weeks artist is Mahsa Soroudi. Mahsa is an Iranian artist born in 1981 and moved to the US in 2012. One of her projects is called Nature’s Cadence. She talks about this on her website and notes that her leaving her country made her sad and she found comfort in plants. She notes

 This exhibition came to realization mainly to share the effort that it takes for plants to adapt and grow in their new homes in the same way an émigré copes with nostalgia and homesickness while adapting to their new ecosystem. This exhibition calls for us all, from time to time, to listen to Nature’s Cadence”

My favorite thing about Mahsa is the art and beauty she finds in plants. She talked about how we see in plants what is above the surface but we dont see what goes on below the soil, in the roots. That to me was very inspiring. Often we judge people without knowing whats inside. I also enjoyed her work with succulents , I think people dont give them the appreciation they deserve.


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