One more time… Fiber Art


Since I’m still hurt and couldn’t leave home, I really wanted to do the fiber art and do it a little differently than last week.


This week I went a little more for the look we had as an example.

This weeks was a lot funner than last week. The tassels were time consuming but fun. My favorite part was the string on the stick. I gifted this to my friend and she hung it right up :]

I liked last weeks piece, this one looks simpler but I liked that it was more challenging.


Extra Credit Survey

3 favorite activities

  • Graffiti – This for me was my favorite because I was able to get all my friends together and we all got creative. It was so much fun yet so hard. I have a deeper understanding and appreciation for street art.
  • Street Photography – Again, like graffiti, I did this with my friends. I was really intimidated but I liked being out and people watching.
  • Food Art – Eventho other people werent as happy with my watermelon shark. I liked it, sculpting something was so hard but I liked it.

3 least favorite

  • Corpse – only because photographing my own death or thinking about how I would die creeped me out.
  • Instagram – this one was just “meh” only because I didn’t feel so artsy doing this
  • I couldn’t think of a 3rd one I disliked.


I thought slack was pretty neat. For sure more user friendly. And I really liked that I had more access to the professor. BeachBoard feels so impersonal, especially for an online class. At first I had a rough start and didn’t know how to do the discussions but once you figure it out its cool. Also, it was my first time using WordPress and I liked it. All of them were user friendly.
At first I was confused about the activities, I had a rough start. But the activities were super useful, they made me appreciate art a little more when I saw all the work and effort that went into it. Artists of the Week were really cool because it was mostly people I never heard of and its always neat to learn about people. I was really sad I couldnt make it to the meet ups. This was my first online class so I think I struggled with the discussions because I really wasn’t sure what to say or if what I had to say what even useful.  But they helped me understand that people see things differently, so  they were useful.

Artist of the Week: Mahsa Soroudi


This weeks artist is Mahsa Soroudi. Mahsa is an Iranian artist born in 1981 and moved to the US in 2012. One of her projects is called Nature’s Cadence. She talks about this on her website and notes that her leaving her country made her sad and she found comfort in plants. She notes

 This exhibition came to realization mainly to share the effort that it takes for plants to adapt and grow in their new homes in the same way an émigré copes with nostalgia and homesickness while adapting to their new ecosystem. This exhibition calls for us all, from time to time, to listen to Nature’s Cadence”

My favorite thing about Mahsa is the art and beauty she finds in plants. She talked about how we see in plants what is above the surface but we dont see what goes on below the soil, in the roots. That to me was very inspiring. Often we judge people without knowing whats inside. I also enjoyed her work with succulents , I think people dont give them the appreciation they deserve.

Artist of the Week: Vanessa Blaylock

Vanessa Blaylock is an avatar artist. She has an identity in real life and identity online which is created through avatars

Much of Blaylock’s work revolves around identity. On her website she notes that she invites other avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights. I find that interesting that she’s kind of political in a sense or trying to empower people through avatars.

It was really weird to look at her work or at least try to research her work, because I don’t necessarily look at her as an artist or think of her work as an artist. This sort of reminds me of just any person who can create an avatar with almost any game, sort of like the Sims? Like it’s the computer who’s kind of creating this image.  Sure, a person can decide what they look like and make them as interesting as possible but at the end of the day it’s the computer who’s creating this avatar. I was not interested in her work at all, and did not really bother looking much deeper into avatars and maybe that was something that I should have but for the most part I don’t have much of an interest in looking at it.

Fiber Art Wall Hanging

So this week was a little rough since I haven’t been able to get out of bed! I asked my mom to grab me some different  yarn from the store so I could work on this but she ended up just getting me this blue ombré one that was kind of cool. 

I thought this was going to be a little easier except the fabric kept tangling up. And I got really frustrated. However I really enjoyed laying in bed and wrapping the fabric around the peace sign I had found around the house. It felt somewhat therapeutic. I also enjoyed how the color scheme together. When I got to the edges I experienced some difficulty. I really really expected it to be a lot easier I didn’t fabric for strings would be so hard to work with. Looking at the examples that we were presented it kind of seemed really easy. This project gave me a new appreciation for all the work that goes into creating a fabric art piece. 

Initially, I looked at some ideas on Pinterest. I wanted to make a Dreamcatcher and I think that if I would’ve been able to get to the craft store I would’ve tried. But after making this “simple” piece I think I might of gotten super frustrated with that.

Also sharing my knee because the colors on it are pretty gnarly.

Art Care Package!


So this week was kind of crappy because I dislocated my knee and shred a bunch of tissue. Yay me! I was really limited to what I could do for this care package but I tried to do with what I had.

I chose my friend, who moved away. I went with a Dodgers theme since before she moved we used to go to games together! For the Cultural Moment piece I included this months booklet from Dodger stadium.

So this was way more personal than sending a snapchat! For many reasons, they can keep this forever and it doesn’t last 10 seconds… unless they screenshot it but thats like a no-no.  It’s similar to me because I always send her photos when I go to the games now. It’s also different since this is something tangible.

I think this is more meaningful than a snapchat I for sure think that these towels that we collected when we went to games together hold a special meaning… they bring back the moment, an experience. It’s very nostalgic. I think the waiting builds anticipation it builds excitement. A snapchat is cool, but you cant touch the things you cant experience it the same way.. She cant feel the texture of the towels of the postcard of her favorite player. Snapchats are more convenient for impersonal things I think.

In terms of the.. preparing a meal with love thing… if you ask my mom, good things take time! You cant rush food or rush anything that you make. I think the ACP has waaaaay more love put into it than a snap. A snap takes seconds to capture and sure I sent it with love, but an ACP (with a dislocated ankle) takes even more time and more effort.



Artist of the Week: Joseph DeLappe

Joseph DeLappe is a Professor of the Department of Art at the University of Nevada, he directs the Digital Media Program there. Much of DeLappe’s work is in the form of online games, sculptures, drawing and installations. A neat fact about DeLappe is that his themes include a lot of current events such as politics. His work has been featured all over the world. One of DeLappes most popular projects is dead-in-iraq project, which is essentially a memorial dedicated to those who have lost their lives in the Iraq war.

The piece that was my favorite was the Mouse Mandala (pictured above) he created that piece using used, broken or otherwise discarded computer mice. DeLappe notes that he began building the piece back in 1999. A blurb on his website notes

“the mice were first collected at my computer lab at UNR, as I began to collect these I bought hundreds at a time, in bulk, through electronics surplus stores in the Silicon Valley. The work is inspired by thoughts of contemporary cubicle work cultures while also paying a wry tribute to the weavers and craftspersons whose lives were upended by the industrial revolution in the United Kingdom (and the resulting “Luddite” revolution). This is an ongoing project, I hope one day to find a location to continue weaving the piece to a diameter of 50′.”

I think this was my favorite because the whole exhibition is called Office Space, one of my favorite movies, and being bound to a cubicle myself for many years it totally spoke to me. I also think it’s amazing that he’s been working on this for 17 years!



Artist(s) of the Week: Guy Tang & Kat Von D


Guy Tang is a Los Angeles based hairstylist. Who is best known for his hair color designs. He is also very popular in the social media world with millions of followers. What is interesting is that his work tends to be very vibrant. He mentions that he takes most of the photos of his clients himself! And even notes that if he was not a hair stylist he would be a photographer. He posts YouTube videos of his work, as he is also a hair educator.

Watching some of his YouTube videos it seems that he’s really fun and personable to be around. I think that if given the opportunity I would let Guy do my hair! But unfortunately he’s not accepting new clients.  Boooo!!!


Kat Von D is a Los Angeles based tattoo artist. She came to fame by way of reality shows. In 2007 she held the Guinness World Record for most tattoos given by a single person in 24 hours! (400 tattoos) . Then her ex-husband took it from her…welp! More recently, she has been in the media because of a falling out with Jeffrey Star (this other social media dude with a make-up brand. Kat not only tattoos but has written books and has a really successful make-up line, fragrances and modeling.

She does a lot of charity work which is really sweet! Like Guy, Kat Von D is not accepting any new clients. A few years back a friend tried to get an appointment with her and the waiting list was 3 years… oh and the cost was like an arm and a leg. I also think it’s really neat that she has hairless cats and plays the piano.

Food Art!

So this week, we had the option to choose from different activities. I didn’t opt for anything crazy with hair because well…It’s my hair and it’s totally something I’d freak about. Clothes are cool but I’m not as fashion forward as I’d like. And to be honest, who doesn’t love food? So I went on this crazy google search and found some super tight food art.

I recently went to my nephews baseball game and someone carved a really sick watermelon so that’s where I drew my inspiration from. I looked up a few ideas and decided that a shark is so perfect, for summer and all. And you know, to draw awareness to all the shark attacks (okay, that’s a lie).

I thought this was going to be easy.. yeah, okay. I couldn’t cut a straight mouth for the life of me. The teeth. The eyes. THE DETAILS!! These people are so talented. If it’s one thing I’m learning in this course is that there are some wickedly talented people out there.

Dinner guests weren’t really impressed and moved my shark off the table…sooo  this was fun, but I may stick to just slicing my watermelon.



Artist(s) of the Week : Street Photographers

This week, we looked at different Street Photographers.

Daniel Arnold


Daniel Arnold is a New York street photographer who uses mostly an iPhone and sometimes old cameras in his photography. Arnold became famous in 2012 when the Gawker published an article about him being censored on Instagram for posting a racy photo of topless sunbathers. For extra cash, Arnold began to sell his Instagram prints for $150 dollars and made $15,000 dollars.  One of his recent works involved him taking over the New Yorkers Instagram where he documented daily subway life.

Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist)



Scott Schuman is a street fashion photographer whose photos are taken all over the world!  The Sartoliast is the name of his blog and the purpose of the blog was according to Schuman was a way to create a two way dialogue about the world of fashion and its relationship to daily life. Schuman has appeared in national campaigns with The Gap, Verizon, Nespreso, Crate and Barrel and Burberry (just to name a few).

Gary Winogrand


Gary Winogrand is a street photographer from the mid-20th century, from the 50’s to the 80’s. The  main focus of Winogrand’s photos was the American Middle Class. Winogrand took photos not only in the cities but also in the suburbs, always waiting for a moment that would make for a good photo and capture the American Culture. Most of his photos were black and white. According to Wikipedia (probs a shady source)many of his late work remained undeveloped, with about 2,500 rolls of undeveloped film, 6,500 rolls of developed but not proofed exposures, and about 3,000 rolls only realised as far as contact sheets being made.

Phillip-Lorca diCorcia


Phillip-Lorca diCorcia is a Connecticut born photographer, he had a rough upbringing and nearly died at a young age because of drugs. He attended art school where he first discovered photography and his life changed. While he was at school, he was the only student to be using color photography because he wanted it to be generic and not fancy art photography.His first pieces were of normal views of a room where an object has fallen off a table or mantel piece. Many of his photographs were staged to create some sort of emotion. One of his famous series  was called “Hustlers” which portrayed male prostitution.