Extra Credit Survey

3 favorite activities

  • Graffiti – This for me was my favorite because I was able to get all my friends together and we all got creative. It was so much fun yet so hard. I have a deeper understanding and appreciation for street art.
  • Street Photography – Again, like graffiti, I did this with my friends. I was really intimidated but I liked being out and people watching.
  • Food Art – Eventho other people werent as happy with my watermelon shark. I liked it, sculpting something was so hard but I liked it.

3 least favorite

  • Corpse – only because photographing my own death or thinking about how I would die creeped me out.
  • Instagram – this one was just “meh” only because I didn’t feel so artsy doing this
  • I couldn’t think of a 3rd one I disliked.


I thought slack was pretty neat. For sure more user friendly. And I really liked that I had more access to the professor. BeachBoard feels so impersonal, especially for an online class. At first I had a rough start and didn’t know how to do the discussions but once you figure it out its cool. Also, it was my first time using WordPress and I liked it. All of them were user friendly.
At first I was confused about the activities, I had a rough start. But the activities were super useful, they made me appreciate art a little more when I saw all the work and effort that went into it. Artists of the Week were really cool because it was mostly people I never heard of and its always neat to learn about people. I was really sad I couldnt make it to the meet ups. This was my first online class so I think I struggled with the discussions because I really wasn’t sure what to say or if what I had to say what even useful.  But they helped me understand that people see things differently, so  they were useful.


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