Art Care Package!


So this week was kind of crappy because I dislocated my knee and shred a bunch of tissue. Yay me! I was really limited to what I could do for this care package but I tried to do with what I had.

I chose my friend, who moved away. I went with a Dodgers theme since before she moved we used to go to games together! For the Cultural Moment piece I included this months booklet from Dodger stadium.

So this was way more personal than sending a snapchat! For many reasons, they can keep this forever and it doesn’t last 10 seconds… unless they screenshot it but thats like a no-no.  It’s similar to me because I always send her photos when I go to the games now. It’s also different since this is something tangible.

I think this is more meaningful than a snapchat I for sure think that these towels that we collected when we went to games together hold a special meaning… they bring back the moment, an experience. It’s very nostalgic. I think the waiting builds anticipation it builds excitement. A snapchat is cool, but you cant touch the things you cant experience it the same way.. She cant feel the texture of the towels of the postcard of her favorite player. Snapchats are more convenient for impersonal things I think.

In terms of the.. preparing a meal with love thing… if you ask my mom, good things take time! You cant rush food or rush anything that you make. I think the ACP has waaaaay more love put into it than a snap. A snap takes seconds to capture and sure I sent it with love, but an ACP (with a dislocated ankle) takes even more time and more effort.




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