Food Art!

So this week, we had the option to choose from different activities. I didn’t opt for anything crazy with hair because well…It’s my hair and it’s totally something I’d freak about. Clothes are cool but I’m not as fashion forward as I’d like. And to be honest, who doesn’t love food? So I went on this crazy google search and found some super tight food art.

I recently went to my nephews baseball game and someone carved a really sick watermelon so that’s where I drew my inspiration from. I looked up a few ideas and decided that a shark is so perfect, for summer and all. And you know, to draw awareness to all the shark attacks (okay, that’s a lie).

I thought this was going to be easy.. yeah, okay. I couldn’t cut a straight mouth for the life of me. The teeth. The eyes. THE DETAILS!! These people are so talented. If it’s one thing I’m learning in this course is that there are some wickedly talented people out there.

Dinner guests weren’t really impressed and moved my shark off the table…sooo  this was fun, but I may stick to just slicing my watermelon.



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