Artist(s) of the Week: Guy Tang & Kat Von D


Guy Tang is a Los Angeles based hairstylist. Who is best known for his hair color designs. He is also very popular in the social media world with millions of followers. What is interesting is that his work tends to be very vibrant. He mentions that he takes most of the photos of his clients himself! And even notes that if he was not a hair stylist he would be a photographer. He posts YouTube videos of his work, as he is also a hair educator.

Watching some of his YouTube videos it seems that he’s really fun and personable to be around. I think that if given the opportunity I would let Guy do my hair! But unfortunately he’s not accepting new clients.  Boooo!!!


Kat Von D is a Los Angeles based tattoo artist. She came to fame by way of reality shows. In 2007 she held the Guinness World Record for most tattoos given by a single person in 24 hours! (400 tattoos) . Then her ex-husband took it from her…welp! More recently, she has been in the media because of a falling out with Jeffrey Star (this other social media dude with a make-up brand. Kat not only tattoos but has written books and has a really successful make-up line, fragrances and modeling.

She does a lot of charity work which is really sweet! Like Guy, Kat Von D is not accepting any new clients. A few years back a friend tried to get an appointment with her and the waiting list was 3 years… oh and the cost was like an arm and a leg. I also think it’s really neat that she has hairless cats and plays the piano.


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