Street Photography

For this activity I decided that I wanted to go somewhere with different types of people. I chose Little Tokyo in Downtown Los Angeles. I really wanted to go for a fashion theme, but I couldn’t muster up the courage to ask people… so I guess I just took some creep photos.

And here are the photos :]


I really really liked this photo because I was totally digging the colors and this woman’s outfit. Her crochet dress was really neat and I was really digging the pop of red in her purse!


This was also really neat, because it was a mother and her daughter and I was loving all the prints, from their dresses to their bags  and the little girls yellow shoes. I felt like they both had an interesting and unique look. They really caught my eye.


the reason I chose this person as well was because I felt like she embodied the Harajuku Japanese style. I think that if I could choose anywhere in the world to take street photography, it would for sure be Japan.


Honestly, I just really liked this dudes hat. In case anyone was wondering, they’re discussing Pokemon Go! Because there was a crazy amount of people playing the game here.


This isn’t really street art buuuut it’s a cool display!


And last but not least… I really liked this photo because it made me feel happy! That’s really what I was going for here, people enjoying themselves.

So… being a street photographer sounds easy. Until you do it. And then you’re like “Woah, this is harder than I thought” I wish I wasn’t so shy, because there were so many cool people that I wanted to capture.



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