Artist(s) of the Week : Street Photographers

This week, we looked at different Street Photographers.

Daniel Arnold


Daniel Arnold is a New York street photographer who uses mostly an iPhone and sometimes old cameras in his photography. Arnold became famous in 2012 when the Gawker published an article about him being censored on Instagram for posting a racy photo of topless sunbathers. For extra cash, Arnold began to sell his Instagram prints for $150 dollars and made $15,000 dollars.  One of his recent works involved him taking over the New Yorkers Instagram where he documented daily subway life.

Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist)



Scott Schuman is a street fashion photographer whose photos are taken all over the world!  The Sartoliast is the name of his blog and the purpose of the blog was according to Schuman was a way to create a two way dialogue about the world of fashion and its relationship to daily life. Schuman has appeared in national campaigns with The Gap, Verizon, Nespreso, Crate and Barrel and Burberry (just to name a few).

Gary Winogrand


Gary Winogrand is a street photographer from the mid-20th century, from the 50’s to the 80’s. The  main focus of Winogrand’s photos was the American Middle Class. Winogrand took photos not only in the cities but also in the suburbs, always waiting for a moment that would make for a good photo and capture the American Culture. Most of his photos were black and white. According to Wikipedia (probs a shady source)many of his late work remained undeveloped, with about 2,500 rolls of undeveloped film, 6,500 rolls of developed but not proofed exposures, and about 3,000 rolls only realised as far as contact sheets being made.

Phillip-Lorca diCorcia


Phillip-Lorca diCorcia is a Connecticut born photographer, he had a rough upbringing and nearly died at a young age because of drugs. He attended art school where he first discovered photography and his life changed. While he was at school, he was the only student to be using color photography because he wanted it to be generic and not fancy art photography.His first pieces were of normal views of a room where an object has fallen off a table or mantel piece. Many of his photographs were staged to create some sort of emotion. One of his famous series  was called “Hustlers” which portrayed male prostitution.


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