MOCA Museum Visit 

Woah. Okay. So… I haven’t been to a museum in ages and to be honest. I wasn’t even THAT excited to go. But as soon as I walked in. Boy, did my perspective change. So I know I’m supposed to compare two items but there were a few items that really caught my eye and I’d like to touch on all of them (assuming that’s okay). Also I only took two selfies there because it was totally requires and I hate photos of myself but that’s an entirely different topic. 

My favoooorite piece there was for sure the flowers on napkins. So this was a set of flowers that were drawn with a pen on multiple napkins. Very simple, yet pretty. The reason I liked this so much because it felt relateable it felt like I was at home with it. I often find myself doodling on napkins.  I felt a some sort of appreciation for it. I felt comfortable with it. 

So my second favorite is the whole Santa/ Christmas  display. And honestly I really hated this “piece” it was creepy is was kind of gross and it made me upset because that’s not what Christmas is about! Christmas isn’t about dying trees and Santa going crazy with a can of Hershey’s chocolate syrup. Because it made me feel so uncomfortable it was definitely my second favorite piece.

The contrast between these two is a little obvious since the flowers were solely ink on napkins and the Christmas exhibit was Christmas trees, tables and photos. But for the emotions they evoked were very very opposite ! One made me feel peaceful and familiar and the other made me feel upset and confused.

Honorable mentions go to 


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