Artist of the week: Janet Cardiff 

Janet Cardiff is a Canadian artist who primarily focuses on sound and sound installation. She is most known for her work on Forty Part Motet. This piece is a 14 minute piece that consists of 11 minutes of singing and 3 minutes of intermission. The piece is also particularly interesting because there are individually recorded parts that are projected through 40 speakers. 

I think it’s important to note that her husband George Miller is also her partner in creating a lot of her pieces. In 1985 they both creates “Dark Pool”which is described as ” On entering the doorway to The Dark Pool, one encounters a realm of suspended animation, an elaborate assemblage of furniture, carpets, books, empty dishes and mechanical paraphernalia. As viewers move through the installation, they activate acoustic components of the work – the silence of the space is broken by strands of music, echoes of stories and fragments of dialogue.”
This to me was an interesting artist to look into. I know that we take sound and musicians for granted. I think the fact that Janet and George played around with  technology and the set up of speakers to convey their message. Truthfully, I thought this artist was cool but I wasn’t particular moved to look up a lot about her or investigate further. I felt a little “meh” about her. 


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