Landscapes and Corpses

This activity was not my favorite! Mostly because I’m superstitious about things like this.. like putting death out into the universe and what not. So I had a hard time getting myself to think of something. I ideally thought that I wanted to paint my face as an old lady and die peacefully in bed (because I hope to die that way) But I figured I should stop being so annoying and actually try and do something cool… or maybe a way I wouldn’t want to die.


Sooo because it’s a 3 day weekend and everyones partying hard… I figured.. this is the way I might not want to go! I figured that alcohol and pills arent that bad because  it’s pretty painless. My friends were super helpful with this and maybe had too much fun with it. Overall, I wasnt too happy with the way I looked since I look like death (pun totally intended) but it was fun.

I dont think that this is going to be my favorite activity in this class. Just because of the creepiness of death and it made me wonder what intrigues other artist to make that their topic of choice. They’re into some weird stuff, man.


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