Artist of the Week – Marina Abramovic

This weeks artist was Marina Abramovic. Woah! She’s intense. What is interesting is that we are looking at her art, as a performance rather than a painting or a photograph.  I’m not sure if I liked or disliked her work.  I read that her art is about “confronting pain, blood, and physical limits of the body”.   In some of her pieces, self-harm and mutilation take place. For example, in her performance of Thomas Lips, Marina uses a razor blade to cut the shape of a star into her stomach.

I chose the 3 photos above because they caught my eye for multiple reasons. The first one I thought that it described the pressures of society and what a person, and art must be. And the blood represents how difficult it is to achieve society’s standards of what perfection is.

The second one I chose just because she had a goat. And goats are super cute.

The third, with a skeleton on top of her reminded me of death and how maybe as people we love with this constant fear of death. Like death weighing over you.





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