Artist of the Week: Francesca Woodman

This weeks artist was Francesca Woodman. A photographer whose photographs were black and white. She typically used herself as her subject, and a quote by her was “It’s a matter of convenience—I’m always available.” So, I’m not sure if I’m making this a bigger deal than it is, but that quote was pretty cool to me. Like, you cant depend on anyone else, you gotta rely on yourself. I’m down with  that.

Anyway, she focuses a lot on herself and the female body. And her work is anything but tame. Personally, I think her work is a little depressing and her blurred shots are a little creepy. I’m not gonna lie, I was intrigued by this artist but not too crazy about her. I came to realize that I don’t give photographers en0ugh credit. Not sure why. But with that being said, I do like black and white photos.


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