Graffiti Writting


took forever to get this right!


Outlining it was the worst


This was as far as I got


My friend beautified it for me and captured what I was thinking!

Okay so this was ridiculously fun and ridiculously difficult! I have so much more respect and admiration for graffiti artists. Using a spray can is sooooo hard!  I admit I asked for help and the end details are NOT my work. I could NEVER get those perfect outlines going.

Getting the block letters going on their own was such a task I erased like a million times. So I decided to get my friends involved. It was so hard. We decided to make a day out of this and we headed to another friends house who is way more talented than we are. So he guided me. We got the name going and then the outline started. THAT was even harder it looked so bad and not smooth at all. After he taught me how to hold a can right, it got better. So I had this sunset vision if you will of how I wanted it, little did I know that two colors weren’t going to be enough to do this! Once I got my two colors down all of us pitched in to color the rest of it and my friend helped with the outline.

I learned that this takes crazy skill! And creativity. Also, took forever, which means that those that are doing it at night and fast are ridiculously talented people. I was intimidated by this project at first… and kind of still am. Don’t think I’ll be hitting any walls soon. But I have tons of respect for these artists and see graffiti way differently.




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